The Zumbul ARGE (Zumbul ARGE Elektronik Makine İmalat San Tic Ltd Sti: Zumbul R&D Electronics and Machinery Production Co.) belongs to Ali Nihat YAZICI and has been functioning in the CNC industry since 2014. Zumbul focuses on CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines, automation, and machinery business. Zumbul ARGE (Ar-Ge: Araştırma-Geliştirme means R&D in the Turkish language) does have a factory in an industrial area in Ankara. The main business interest of Zumbul ARGE does have three parallel lines: 
  1. Importing, assembling, reselling, giving service, and maintenance for CNC machines produced in Germany by STEPCRAFT GmbH Co. Kg. The website of STEPCRAFT Türkiye is 
  2. Producing, selling, and giving service and maintenance for CNC and automation machines and accessories produced by Zumbul ARGE. The company has official accreditation and a “Made in Turkey” certificate. 
  3. Carrying out new R&D and P&D projects in the industry related to the first two lines above. 
CNC machines are vital products for manufacturing and heavy industry companies. 

Zumbul ARGE is an engineering company working at an SME (Small and Medium Entrepreneurship) level, very flexible and aggressive in the Turkish CNC market. It also has export facilities around Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, the Middle East, and Africa. There is a reverse export from Zumbul ARGE to abroad with high-tech accessories used in various CNC machines.